"told me once that happiness isn’t on the road to anything.  That happiness is the road. Had also instructed me to be kind because everyone you’ll ever meet is fighting a hard  battle." 

- Bob Dylan chronicles

The highlight of my night. 

Stalker or Social Media friend :D ?

I’m wondering if there is some sort of social media etiquette / strategy for “following” people… OR can you attack  follow on all fronts in rapid sequence? 

Twitter —> tumblr —> foursquare —> instagram —> vine —> Facebook (can I add pinterest and linkedin for dramatic effect?)

What if you also need to know what music they’re listening to..! 

Tweens + Instagram = тωєєиѕтαgяαм !!!

While hanging with my 12 year old cousin the other day, I unknowingly entered into the world of Tweenstagram, a vastly different space than the Instagram I have grown to know and love (and refresh too often). And what a FASCINATING world it is!

Instagram is not simply a “ fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family”. It is a game, it is a competition, it is calculated, it is strategic…dare I say, it has very little or nothing at all to do with the actual photos (OMFG!!).

Here is what I learned and managed to gather from my (way too) short tutorial.  And I hope I am getting this right!:

The goal is to get as many followers as possible.  But not in the same way that we secretly get a little excited when someone new follows us. In tween world, this is a game and a feat that everyone is aware of and participates in.  As the user gets more followers he/she is able to “unlock” a new level of followers.  I mean, literally, unlock.  Little lock icons with a number next to each one is put in the description of the profile. When one tier of followers is reached the lock icon is changed to an unlocked lock.  See below.  This tween user has reached 400 followers and is eagerly waiting to unlock 500.  Everyone knows the goal, here.  More followers =  more unlocked icons!

Getting lots of “likes” is obviously important, too. Here is a tip: Wait until you get the amount of  “likes” on your photo that you no longer see the individual user names, and just see the total number of likes.  Then treat your own photo to one more “like”. No one will know ;)

There is no sentimentality or attachment placed on particular photos or even the act of posting and sending something off that is yours.

So listen up and listen good:
Post fast, delete fast.  It is important to purge your photos once you’ve reached 40 (or was it 100? I’ll have to inquire within).  This is the point at which Instagram takes ownership of your photos, so you will want to stay below that number.  This is serious shit!

Need help with a tricky word game.  Take a screenshot. Post it to instagram.  Maybe consider @ing your friend who is gr8 with werds and write “help!”.  A couple of minutes later you will get your answer. Delete photo from instagram. Continue game.

Want to know who the prettiest Dance Moms dancer is?!! (And yes, this show is blowin’ up/ we are all pathetically late on the trend) Post a pic to instagram of all the gals and ask “who’s the prettiest? vote someone off!”.  Whichever name is shouted out most in the comments, gets the boot.  This means her image will be bleeped out in the next photo and the question is repeated until you are left with just one, the prettiest of them all!  AMAZE picture below for reference:


Is anyone else finding this fascinating?!
Are there other worlds on Instagram that we are not a part of!?!

I know I have only just scratched the surface and probably missed a lot in my quick intro.  One thing I may absorb into my bag o’ tricks is the new app i was forced to download called symbolizer.  ⓘⓣ   ⓐⓒⓣⓤⓐⓛⓛⓨ   ⓘⓢ   ⓚⓘⓝⓓⓐ   ⓚⓔⓦⓛ?!!  well, if you were a tween you might answer  “inr” (“ I no, rite?!!)!